Paper submission

Papers must meet the formatting rules in order to be considered for publication. We cannot give extensions for reformatting. See below for guidelines and link to submit your paper. Good luck!

Formatting rules

The page limit includes everything (e.g., references, title page, figures, appendices)
  • Research papers - fourteen (14) pages
  • Vision papers - seven (7) pages
  • Industrial papers - fourteen (14) (Industrial papers can be 1-14pp in length)
Fonts & Format 
  • submit papers using a 10pt font on 12pt leading formatted for printing on Letter-sized (8.5" by 11") paper. Paper text blocks must follow ACM guidelines: double-column, with each column 9.25" by 3.33", 0.33" space between columns. Each column must contain no more than 55 lines of text. To ensure compliance during submission, use the LaTeXtemplate or Word template given at the bottom of this page. Please do NOT use templates that you might find elsewhere since we cannot be sure that those are compliant.
  • color is allowed, but the paper should be easily readable if viewed or printed in gray scale. This is especially true for plots and graphs in the paper.
  • include page numbers
  • symbols and labels used in the graphs should be readable as printed, and not only with a 20x on-screen magnification.
  • limit the file size to less than 15 MB.
Reviewing is single-blind: author identities need not be concealed.
Link to paper submission
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Dec 8, 2011, 3:02 PM